Be a self-confident woman in a male-dominated environment


The popularity of this topic shows how important self-confidence in a male-dominated environment is! Available as talk and workshop, you will learn: 

  • How to increase your confidence
  • How to uncover your strengths and talents
  • Why you shouldn’t feel inferior
  • How perfectionism leads to unhappiness
  • How social media affects your self-confidence and what you can do about it
  • Why voicing your opinion is crucial to gain respect
  • The five key take-away points to thrive in any type of environment.
The talk and workshop are inspiring while you are walking away with practical tools and a new mindset.  You might call it a life-changing experience.

In addition the workshop is highly interactive. You will apply the lessons learned right from the start. Discussions give you the opportunity to talk about your specific case. It is fun, motivating and encouraging.

Ready to be self-confident in a male-dominated environment?
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Monika used to be a IT management consultant but it is her experience as a cyclist that has taught her how to excel in a male-dominated environment.

Monika has been cycling as the only female in cycling groups around the world and has received the respect by her male peers and was seen as an equal. The few cases that “being a woman” was seen as a problem, she mastered the situation in a smart and professional way.

Her recent world record cycling as the first female in history one of the toughest cycling challenges in the world is proof that her RAD framework is beyond respect and equality. It is about excelling in any type of environment.