Real. Adventurous. Daring.

RAD potential

Overview of the RAD potential

How to successfully reach your goals
Success is no coincidence!

People who are successful in one part of their life succeed usually also in others. Why? Because the approach to success can be transferred to all parts of life. And that is exactly what the RAD potential is about – a easy-to-learn and profound way to success.

Through the RAD potential, I obtained multiple athletic and academic scholarships, attended prestigious universities and worked for top notch consulting firms, wrote my first book in five weeks and set a cycling world record. The RAD potential approach has enabled me to succeed in all parts of my life.

The RAD potential is about amplifying your natural strengths, defining a clear strategy plan and targeting your mental barriers.

RAD stands for Real, Adventurous and Daring.

REAL – Amplify your natural strengths

Whatever you have in mind to achieve, if you don’t know yourself, it will be a tough journey.

I have been there where I decided to go for a goal and not even knowing if that is what I really wanted. Being real not only amplifies your natural strengths and emphasizes authenticity, it stands for understanding, accepting and appreciating your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.

No one is perfect so instead of chasing some superficial image, let’s look within ourselves and create the best version of ourselves, with all we got – because we got more than we think we have!


ADVENTUROUS – Define your journey

Whether it is losing weight, going for a cycling challenge or changing career, everyone will have advice for you, how to go about it.

Especially in the world of overwhelming information, it is hard to find the right way and stay focused to reach your goal successfully. But only YOU can decide about how to stay motivated and excited to reach your goal.

Instead of finding that way to success, create it! And that is where the Adventure comes into play. Going for your success should be motivating, fun and life-enriching. It should not be an arduous process of only reaching the finish line. Thus, go out there, CREATE your adventure, enjoy the process and success will come naturally.


DARING – Break your mental barriers

That step that differentiates your dreams from reality: taking action to make it happen! Easier said than done, especially if the goal seems big. Fear of failure, doubts, past mistakes and the opinions of others might all create hesitation of going for what you want.

But if you live YOUR life and create YOUR path, you know you are living your best version and will never regret any decisions in your life.

The above reasons sound familiar? We have all been there but to really get your full potential, take that daring step! The RAD potential helps you to not only go for it but in a confident and planned manner!

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The Vuelta Ride is an example how your RAD potential can be applied to the most seemingly impossible goals and enable the achiever to go beyond his or her own mental limitations. Read the success story here.

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