Unleashing the Devil in You

E-book or Paperback

Everyone has dreams but most of them stay dreams. This is not a story about super powers or luck; no, this is a true, unfiltered story how a normal girl with normal talents and a normal background made her dreams come true.

Because it is unfiltered, there are opinions that might seem offensive. But this book’s intention is the contrary – to encourage the reader to think freely and independently from what is the norm and popular opinion.

It is a story about what it takes to pursue what you want to achieve in life, dealing with failures, wrong decisions and doubt. It is about going for the wrong career, dealing with eating problems, giving up on pursuing a dream and being confused about what you actually want in life.

But this book is also about how passion, authenticity, determination and love for life make the seemingly unachievable possible.

This book is RAD because that is Monika’s philosophy for making it possible.

‘Unleashing the devil in you’ is dedicated to everyone who has a goal, whether it is in sports, at work or in personal life. And the bigger the goal, the more this book will resonate.
Enjoy the reading and let it inspire and prepare you for your 2019 goals!

Soon available as Audio book. Listen to the samples:

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